Helping You Navigate The Global Supply Market

Primary/Secondary Source Supplier Evaluation

Despite what might be driving the need for a new source, (new product, local content requirement) or the need to identify and evaluate lower cost sources of supply. SVT can help direct you to quality suppliers, evaluate potential sources you’ve already identified or identify and fully evaluate suppliers based on your business needs / criteria. Evaluation for capability, technology, capacity, quality.

External Manufacturing Services (EMS) Provider Evaluation

Similar to those services offered at the component level, SVT has significant knowledge and expertise in the external manufacturing services environment. Knowledge and expertise which can be leveraged regardless of your current scale. Whether you’re a global multi-national corporation or a “mom and pop” manufacturing firm looking to benefit from some of the successful strategies and approaches deployed by “the big guys”.

Local Sourcing Initiatives

Purchasing material from sources local to your manufacturing locations can represent a tremendous savings opportunity. Not only saving in direct material costs but also on the freight and logistics line. SVT is well qualified to identify potential qualified local sources for your consideration. We also ensure that they meet all relevant quality standards. It’s part of our supply chain risk management mentality and culture.

Targeted Commodity 2nd Source Strategy for Cost Reduction

SVT can help identify opportunities to cost reduce your Bill of Material and then help you execute. Reduce your costs and increase your profitability.

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