Obtaining Quality Material and Services. Where and When You Need Them

Direct / Indirect Purchasing

SVT can act as an extension of your team serving as your purchasing arm for material or services. Feeding your operations as required and when.

One Time / Limited Procurement

One time or limited purchasing activities such as those prevalent in new product introduction process can be consolidated and managed by SVT. Become a more efficient operation.

Contractual or Strategic Inventory Procurement, Storage and Re-sale

When it is imperative to hold strategic buffer stock or take in inventory associated with component supplier contractual obligations. SVT can help by purchasing, storing and controlled release to your defined points of consumption.

Service & Lifetime Buy Management / Execution

Despite taking place in the latter phases of product lifecycle, the management and timely execution of end of life component purchases is essential to ensuring the lasting customer satisfaction and loyalty brought about by meeting obligations to support future service needs. SVT can effectively manage this activity on your behalf and ensure service operations are properly fed and supported for optimal results.

Open Market Supply w/Quality Assurance and Full Test and Re-pack Capabilities

It is important to know that any material purchased on the open market is originating from qualified, quality sources. SVT has full test and packaging capabilities to ensure quality and integrity of all material we process.

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