Inventory Management

Inventory Management and Agile Supply Chain Transition Capability---Crucial Elements To Your Success

Global Inventory Asset Rebalancing and Optimization

Maximum utilization and optimization of your global inventory assets can be a competitive advantage. SVT possesses the knowledge, expertise, systems and mapping capabilities to optimize results. Whether you are working to identify component part commonality in a complex environment to increase internal utilization or mining a proactive means of marketing excess material for open market sale—SVT can Help!

Supply Chain Event Transition

There is one safe assumption related to supply chains and that is that they are always transitioning in some form or another. SVT has recognized this and taken all necessary steps to excel in this arena. We feel uniquely qualified to provide unparalleled and fully customizable supply chain transition services and solutions. Avoid chaos and maintain order in your supply chain.

Total Excess and Obsolete Inventory Management Solutions

We have a long history of demonstrated success in helping you manage your excess inventory and provide many options and approaches which reduce your costs and actively market your excess material for prompt open market sale generating maximum profitability.

Excess Inventory Marketing

SVT has various programs offering a more proactive approach to excess inventory management and disposition. We market your active excess material providing options to mitigate risk when opportunity exists and prior to full part obsolescence. The next level of effective E&O Management.

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