About Us

Helping You Navigate The Global Supply Market

Excellence in Supply Chain

A committed partner and collaborator, SVT understands the modern supply chain with all of its complexity.

A team of smart, highly motivated, talented, energetic, honest and hardworking individuals
Experienced resources with deep supply chain industry knowledge and proven, battle tested deployment and project management skills
Supply chain risk management excellence in the areas of supply chain design and transformational change management
Broad portfolio of supply chain solutions offering end to end and full product lifecycle coverage
Strong customer collaborative spirit and desire to drive improvement and add value to everything we touch
Strong relationships with customers, suppliers and within the industry
Global reach / footprint and readiness to be where we’re required
Commitment to the environment, always acting responsibly and in the best interest of our shared planet

We work quickly to learn and understand the needs of our customers, shaping our service, solution or location, to effectively meet those needs.

At SVT, your challenges become ours. We believe in the benefits of collaboration and partnering, and always work in that spirit.

Located Across the Globe

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