We are SVT

An Experienced, Capable and Full Spectrum Supply Chain Partner

At SVT, we like to describe ourselves as a group of smart, talented, inspired and hardworking guys and gals equipped with the skills, resources, customer dedication (and mojo) to effectively and successfully deliver on a broad range of supply chain solutions.

SVT has been in operation for close to two decades, has built an impressive team of industry experts, evolving into a major supplier of a broad portfolio of supply chain services and solutions spanning multiple industries. So whether you’re a Fortune 500 seeking solutions to a complex issue or a small company looking for a valued partner to help guide and get you on the right path, SVT can effectively add value in supporting your needs.

We believe trust is a sacred bond. That it must be earned and reinforced with every transaction and in every interaction. We are also strong believers in the benefits of collaboration and partnering and always work in that spirit.

A truly global partner, SVT stands ready to deliver cost effective solutions which fully satisfy the tactical and strategic needs of your end to end supply chain. We do this, by offering a wide range of services encompassing major segments of the supply chain and capable of addressing the full product life cycle from cradle to grave.

We know supply chain

Global supply chains are complex organisms forced to perform in an environment of perpetual change and adapting to mitigate all of the risks naturally inherent in the change process itself. But there are larger, transformational changes which require extraordinary focus due to their larger risk potential.

SVT provides programs and solutions capable of taking you to the next level of supply chain risk management.

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